Completed: May 2012 — Phase 1: 8th Street Drainage

The 8th Street Drainage Improvements were the first of the multi-phase Downtown Links Corridor Project.  The project limits extended from 6th Avenue on the west to 3rd Avenue on the east and 6th Street on the north to Stevens Avenue on the south.  Work consisted of building a 20’ X 12’ underground drainage system that ultimately will connect to the Tucson Arroyo/High School Wash drainage facility.  Also as part of the project, 6th Avenue was restriped for two-way travel between 6th Street and the underpass.

The construction cost of the 8th Street Drainage Improvement Project was approximately $7.4 million and was completed in 6 months.  The improvements were funded by the voter-approved Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

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Completed: April 2014 – Phase 2: St. Mary’s Road, I-10 to Church Avenue activities include

Reconstruction of St. Mary’ Road with all new infrastructure; substantially completed in January 2014.


In Design – Phase 3: 6th Street/Links Avenue from Church Avenue to Broadway Boulevard activities include

Reconstruction of the Tucson Arroyo culvert from 6th Avenue to 10th Avenue
Construction of a new 6th Street Alignment, railroad underpass, and 9th Avenue Deck Plaza. Construction of the new four-lane Links roadway, 6th Avenue Bridge, and a shared-use pathway from 6th Street to Broadway Boulevard. Design for Phase 3 is scheduled to be complete by January 2015 with property acquisitions and demolitions to be completed by mid-2015. Utility relocations and corridor preparation will follow, with construction currently scheduled to begin in late 2015 or early 2016.