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Downtown Links is an improvement project that provides enhancements, benefits, and connections for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. The Downtown Links project is a 30 mph, four-lane road north of the Union Pacific railroad tracks that will connect Barraza-Aviation Parkway to I-10. This project upgrades critical infrastructure, specifically drainage systems, which will remove a large portion of Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods from the 100-year flood plain. When complete, Downtown Links will offer improved access and connections, including an underpass and an overpass, for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Additionally, the project will include new and safer railroad crossings, multi-use paths, improved sidewalks and bike lanes, and public art.



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The Downtown Links project is part of the long-range Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) plan, approved by Pima County voters in May 2006. All projects in the $2.1 billion RTA plan are funded by a voter-approved ½ cent transportation sales tax; $76 million in RTA funds is dedicated to the Downtown Links project. The City of Tucson is the project manager.