To ensure an open and transparent public process, the Mayor and Council adopted resolution 20171 on September 7, 2001 to create the 15-member Downtown Links Citizen Advisory Committee. Members of key stakeholder groups located within the project area were chosen to provide a community voice and their perspective to the project team and to advise Mayor and Council during the planning and design phases of the project.

The CAC and the general public have been, and will continue to be, involved in an extensive process to help identify and prioritize design and roadway element. Items that the CAC may consider during the Design Phase, in accordance with RTA funding guidelines, include:

  • Neighborhood/Business connectivity
  • Pedestrian and bicycle amenities
  • Noise abatement
  • Streetscape themes
  • Street lighting
  • Access control
  • Cross-sections of roadway
  • Neighborhood issues related to the project
  • View shed treatments
  • Landscape themes
  • Adjacent land uses
  • Cultural resources
  • Architectural treatments
  • 9th Ave Deck
  • Art work
  • Water harvesting
  • Public transit facilities