Recommendations of Warehouse Arts District Master Plan
Begin the process to officially discard the current Barraza-Aviation alignment west of 6th Avenue and study a "north side of the tracks only" alternative connecting to Stone at 6th Street.
Utilize an artist tenant-centered Warehouse Arts District Management Organization to manage the City-controlled, State-owned properties.
Work closely with artists/tenants to improve the safety of existing buildings.
Reconfigure Toole Avenue to create a 25-foot "urban artwalk" on the north side of Toole Avenue from 6th Avenue to Church Avenue.
Strengthen pedestrian and bicycle connections across the railroad and across 6th Street.
Outline goals for a long-term activities programming plan for district.
Outline goals for a long-term marketing/publicity plan for the district.
Develop the four major vacant parcels currently used for parking in the district.